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The main purpose of our company is to operate in the domain of healthcare services, looking after people’s lives by addressing the core issues of their general well-being and creates a characteristic association with corporate social duty programs. We are fully dedicated and committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to operate a sustainable, profitable, and productive organization. 

Our way to deal with the social responsibility is directly linked with the improving of general well-being of the life of people and their families. At Health Online, it is our social responsibility to address the social, moral and environmental issues.

The key parameters of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) include:

  • 1)     Public Awareness Programs:

In order to change the root causes for the mindset to perpetuate harmful practices, adequate program for public education and awareness is mandatory. We try our level best to continue performing this religious practice by providing required training to the students, teachers,health care professional and common people to develop a healthy, educated and informed nation as a whole.

  • 2)     Free Medical Camps:

The socio-economic condition of the Pakistan is struggling right from the first day of its independence and same is the case with the health care facilities. The country is still struggling with providing basic health care facilities to the residents of remote and far flung areas. In order to improve this alarming situation, our respective company has taken an initiative by providing absolutely basic health care services to the remote areas and underdeveloped areas of Pakistan. These services involve establishing the free medical camps, blood pressure checking services, cholesterol level testing service and blood sugar monitoring services.

  • 3)     Charity Tradition:

The largest share of our services comes from the charitable income. This charitable income helps to establish the new offices and it also enables us to provide free life saving drugs to the needy personnel’s of the society. In order to develop and extend this program on a national level, we have rendered the services of different Non-Governmental Organizations in this regard.

  • 4)     Environmental Responsibility:

We have always endeavored to address the core issues that are sensitive to the environment. We must utilize our capabilities and capacities to provide those products that don’t pose any threat to the environment and are 100% safe to the environment. We will definitely play our role to add more cleanliness and beauty to the world and there is no doubt about that. In order to accomplish this task, we lean toward bio-degradable shopping bags. These shopping bags are made up of woven manufactured filaments(polyester/linen) as compared to normal plastic shopping bags which are 100%lethal, non-biodegradable and unsafe for the environment.

  • 5)     Health and Safety:

The Company has very much creates the well-being and security strategies and systems that are responsible for safeguarding the company's staff, contractual workers, visitors and its consents to current enactment and best practice.

  • 6)     Ethical Responsibility:

Health Online deals with its assets judiciously to guarantee the availability of financial resources for its innovative research and development projects and for other commercialization activities.

  • 7)     Social Responsibility:

The well-being, welfare and advancement of the Company's workers remain a top priority of Health Online. With the expectation of recruiting, attracting, creating and holding key representatives, the company keeps up various strategies and techniques that prove to be beneficial for its employees, management staff and workers.

  • 8)     Employees Responsibilities:

Our dedicated employees recruit and support program reflects our true resolve and commitment to benefit employees and their families. This offer is particularly for those employees who are talented and always try their best to maintain the highest level of standards, quality and show complete dedication and commitment towards their job.

  • 9)     Employees Scholarship Program:

HealthOnline totally believes in providing scholarships to the needy, competent and deserving employees for further training and advancement of education.