Vision and Mission | Heath Online | Pakistan's most trusted online pharmacy

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide basic healthcare facilities to the far flung areas of the Pakistan by providing extraordinary learned, qualified and professional expertise and to provide state of the art healthcare services at affordable charges.

The Dimensions of our Services includes:

Clinical Excellence

Strategic partnering with healthcare service providers, Doctor, Nurse Paramedics and others to drive qualitative and quantitative so intones for healthcare.

Operational Expertise

Professional team members provided with workplace where consistent problem solving, team work, leadership and hand on assistance with strategic, tactical, financial and operation planning results to create continuous improvement within the organization and flow the value addition in the form of products or services to the customers.

Patient Engagement Services

It is our vision to provide total health care services to our worthy customers, including the steps involve in the choosing, selecting and finalizing the crucial clinical and financial decisions regarding their health care services.

Physician Engagement

We regard the expert and clinical aptitudes of our respected physician associates. It is our vision to engage them in different teams that help us to deliver ideal results and to serve our patients with the best possible treatment, ability and resources that we can provide.

Employee Management

Together, we provide the employees such a healthy working environment that is based on values, culture, learned expertise, which enable the employee to lead secured, balanced and healthy lives. The human resources department address its HR planning and Job design in recruitment and selection, retention and training, Performance Management, compensation and career development which contribute to the employees to work effectively and efficiently to achieve organization goal.

Our Vision

It is our vision to continue to enthusiastically initiate world-class benefits in order to continue to continually pursue long-term high-impact resources to meet our customer's needs. After successfully excelling in the domain of healthcare services in Pakistan, it is our vision to expand the horizons of our health care services to the other parts of the world,including the European, Asian and Middle East countries.

Our vision would be accomplished by acquiring cutting-edge new technologies, hiring professional staff, and through strategic/business plans of the clinics, medical centers and hospitals.